5 Muscle Building Exercises At Home without Equipment

Due to the problems with the economy, many people whose goal is to build muscle would cut their gym membership and find ways about how they can do muscle building exercises at home without equipment. They would normally spend their time looking for effective exercises that they can easily do at home without the risk of getting fat instead of getting ripped. Most people who are not into home training are afraid that they might fail to do the exercises regularly and end up gaining weight instead of gaining muscles.

The Top 5 at Home Muscle Building Workouts

If you are looking forward with having a set of workouts without using any pieces of equipment, then the most appropriate thing that is recommended for you to do is to use your bodyweight instead of the usual weights. Through the following top 5 at home muscle building workouts, you will never have to step in a gym and spend your time and money for the membership.

  • Push Ups

This type of exercise has different variations that you can make use with your workout and even make use of each variation as your challenge when your workout progresses. This will help you to have a progressive workout and be able to do the exercise with using one arm as the ultimate challenge for yourself. You can try the following variations of pushups:

  • Wide-Grip Push Up – where your hands have wider space than the standard version of the push up.
  • Diamond Push Up – this variation is targeting your triceps and gives your wrists more pressure than other variations but ensures more benefits.
  • Front Clap Variation – when you want a challenge with your workout, then this is the right variation for you. It is a form of military exercise where you are pushing your body forcefully off the floor which allows you to clap your hands and return to the standard position.
  • Behind-the-back Clap Variation – this is just like the front clap but extremely hard because you should be able to put your hands immediately to ground after you clap to avoid your body from hitting the ground.
  • One Arm Variation – it is one of the variation that you can add to your workout once you have slowly progressed with your exercise and eventually make use of these at home muscle building workouts at your convenience.

There are still many variations of the pushups that you can add with your workout and make as challenging as how you want it to be.

  • Pull ups

These can be included with your muscle building exercises at home without equipment and is considered as one of the exercises that can help in your muscle growth in a short span of time. You should not forget to add this type of exercise with your home workouts to make sure that you are going to have an easy time of successfully attaining your target muscle mass.

This is done as a replacement of any equipment that will help you to build muscle at your back. It is also called as chin ups and only needs a bar where you can place by your doorways. The weight that you are using with this form of exercise is your body weight. You can increase the challenge while wearing a vest with sand sack to make your weight heavier and try to pull-ups for several repetitions for a set.

  • Hand Walkouts

If you want to focus on your core and wants to perform muscle building exercises at home without equipment then you should include this in your workout. This is just a simple to add yet for starters controlling would be a difficult thing to do. Though the workout is simple, you can later on develop a modified version of your own and make it more challenging as soon as your workout progresses.

The exercise is done by starting on all fours. This is done with your hands and knees are apart at about shoulder width and your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Have your glutes tensed, your abs braced as if someone is about to punch it while you make your hands walk forward. Don’t forget to make your hips shift forward when your left arm reached for its “step”. Continuously do this walking method until your core is about to touch the ground and have the movement reversed to its starting position. You can try to modify this and make it harder to suite with your workout progression.

  • Russian Leans

This is done with the help of a friend. You will do the workout by kneeling on an upright position while your friend is holding your feet at the back. Slowly lean forward until you reach the point where you cannot control I and push yourself back through the use of your hands. You can add this with your workout in gaining muscle without gym equipment and make it harder depending on how you want it.

  • Squats

It is the perfect exercise that should be included with your workout to build different muscles such as glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Though there are different types of this exercise, you can try it all as soon as you have decided to put your workout in a higher level. The main type of squat that is done by most people is the one called as the prisoner squat. This squat is done by placing your hands at the back of your head and your elbows are stretched outwards. Make sure that your body is in line with your head as you move lower and your eyes are focused in front. While doing this, raise up while squeezing your glutes and the back side is building definition.

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